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Index Add Failures

Good Morning All,

I receive events that mention "attribute memberUid index add failure".
What does this mean? Once I notice these events, I have to restart
slapd, as writes will not be performed and CPU usage hits 99%
continuously.  It seems to be associated with a high load, as our
semester just got underway and we are seeing an increase in logins and
searches (about 150-200 requests per minute). I am using the bdb


OpenLDAP 2.4.28 and 2.4.26
4-way multi-master

index   gidnumber,uidnumber,objectClass,automountKey,nodisplay   eq
index   uid,cn,sn,givenname,employeetype,mail,eaiGroup,memberUid,destinationIndicator
index   facsimileTelephoneNumber        eq,sub
index   mgrpRFC822MailMember pres

Aug 28 02:40:41 poe slapd[10882]: conn=-1 op=0: attribute "memberUid"
index add failure


Kyle Smith
York College of Pennsylvania