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Re: syncrepl not propagating changes

Mark Coetser wrote:
> Hi
> current version of openldap 2.4.23-7.2 I have however built and used 
> 2.4.31 with the same results.
> I have a single provider that has multiple domians
> ie dc=company
> 	dc=subdivision1,dc=company
> 	dc=subdivision2,dc=company
> on some of the consumers, I have a single syncrepl config with the base, 
> so these servers have all the users and replication tends to work fine.
> olcSyncrepl: {0}
> rid=00x
> provider=ldaps://x.x.x.x
> bindmethod=simple
> binddn="cn=replica,dc=repl_config,dc=company"
> credentials="xxxxx"
> filter="(objectclass=*)"
> searchbase="dc=company"
> scope=sub
> attrs="*,+"
> schemachecking=off
> type=refreshAndPersist
> retry="5 5 300 +"
> starttls=yes
> tls_reqcert=never
> tls_cert=/etc/ldap/ssl/ca-cert.pem
> tls_key=/etc/ldap/ssl/keys/ca-key.pem
> on some of the consumers, I have multiple syncrepl configs so that I 
> replicate specific subdivision data to those servers.

That is not supported. You can only use multiple consumers in the same
database if they are all pointing at different providers (and each of those
providers uses a unique serverID).

> whats happening with these consumers is that the initial sync seems to 
> work and some changes to the provider do make it down to the consumer 
> but lately most changes are NOT making it down to the consumer, when I 
> log sync then I am seeing that the csn is committed for the change for 
> the first rid but then for the next rid it logs that the csn is too old?

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