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Re: delta-syncrepl stopped receiving changes

David Hawes wrote:
> On 2012-07-18 18:01, Gavin Henry wrote:
>>>> Hi Dave,
>>>> Have you been able to reproduce it since?
>>>> Thanks.
>>> So far I've only had the one failure and I haven't been able to
>>> reproduce it since.
>> That's tricky then. Did you file an ITS? Will check...
> I haven't filed an ITS yet, but another consumer locked up yesterday.
> This time I didn't try to modify anything when syncrepl was locked.
> The backtrace is the same for the hdb_modify, but there are also threads
> that are locked on binds and searches. It turns out that these searches
> and binds are for the user that is being modified. The consumer shut
> down, came up normally, and replication continued without incident.
> Here's a bind that is locked:

> Clearly I need to upgrade and see if this still continues to happen.

Give back-mdb in 2.4.32 a try. It's completely deadlock free.

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