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Re: LDAP authentication using Radius

On 08/15/12 00:21 +0700, JET JETASIK wrote:
I am investigating 2 factor authentication in which mostly they are radius
server actually.

Can you describe what kind of two factor authentication you are looking to

My problem is that most of my applications relying on LDAP auth only.

If you desire to support RADIUS authentication, with your authentication
database stored within OpenLDAP, take a look at the FreeRADIUS ldap

I am trying to figure out on how to use

I did compile and successfully loaded it but not sure how to configure it.

This is what I put into slapd.conf to load the module:

moduleload pw-radius.so config="/etc/radius.conf"

Firstly I couldn't figure out what exactly is the format of /etc/radius.conf
(Mandatory items: Radius server IP& Share Secret)

Secondly the format of userpassword scheme, {RADIUS}XXXXYYY@ZZZ ??

I have not used the radius module, so I can't answer this question.

Dan White