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AW: overlay nssov + SASL

-----UrsprÃngliche Nachricht-----
An:	openldap-technical@openldap.org; 
Von:	Uwe Werler <uwe.werler@retiolum.eu>
Gesendet:	Mo 13.08.2012 09:50
Betreff:	overlay nssov + SASL
> Hello list,
> I want to use overlay nssov and it works great in my test setup. Up to now we 
> use pass through authentication with saslauthd to authenticate against an 
> AD-Domain.
> Internally nssov uses simple binds against the local database so I can't use 
> pass through authentication. With overlay pbind I can do simple binds against 
> an external ldap server. Is there another possibility to use overlay nssov in 
> combination with saslauthd?
> Thanks for any hints.
> Regards Uwe

Ok, I found two ways. First use back relay + overlay pbind and second use back-meta/back-ldap. Both within the same naming context as the real database but configured with "hidden on" to avoid naming context issues. Both work now.

Another question is if it's possible to use overlay nssov within multiple databases like one for hosts and another for users?


Regards Uwe