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Re: representing file pathnames

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Chuck Lever wrote:
>> Can we represent the full range of the UTF-8 code set with a US-ASCII file
>> URL?
> Yes, of course just like HTTP URLs can contain non-ASCII chars in an
> URL-quoted form. You first encode to UTF-8 and then URL-quote. Decoding means
> URL-unquote and the decode UTF-8 to Unicode char entities.
>> We could also use an NFS URL, which would allow us to express the server
>> hostname, a port number, and the pathname in a single string.  But both the
>> hostname and pathname are enocded in US-ASCII, not UTF-8, and the NFS URL
>> format employs a fixed pathname separator character.
> That's what I would prefer. Think of file browsers which can open the NFS
> mount point just by clicking on it. Same encoding steps as with file URLs.

This seems the most obvious and natural solution (NFS URL). After all, you are
specifying an NFS resource...

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