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LDAP Entry with gecos

Hello !

I create one samba user with command:
smbldap-useradd -a xbox -c "Game XBOX" -S "Sell games" -d /home/xbox -s /bin/false

Then I type:
smbldap-passwd xbox #define password ldap user
smbpasswd -a xbox   # create user samba

So. I can to make login in my domain.
I checked atributtes gecos is: SystemUser.

After I log in domain, in the top menu windows show:System User.

I changed this value gecos, but each login the gecos show System User.
It´s no changed never.

This command in line 2, not define gecos in LDAP, give default with "System user".
If i change the value gecos in LDAP before te fist login, the gecos is with value correct.
Any sugesstion ?


Rodrigo Faria