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Re: replication verification

Le 20/07/2012 11:54, Boyd Duffee a écrit :
Hi all,

I've been dropped in a the LDAP deep end due to a retirement in the office.
The documentation I have regarding dealing with the failure of a master tells
me how to fail over by promoting one of the replicas and then, when the
problem with the master has been sorted, to re-configure it as a replica.

My problem is with his following line
   When it is fully synchronised with the temporary master
   it can then be re-instated as the master.

How do I know when it has fully synchronised?  I'm running openldap v2.4.16,
but I don't seem to have syncrepl in my path.
Compare the contextCSN attribute of their root object:
ldapsearch -x -h <yourserver> -b <yourbase> -s base contextCSN

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