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Re: syncrepl and attribute order

Evgeniy Kosov wrote:
> On 18.07.2012 13:31, Howard Chu wrote:
>>> Does attribute order matter? Is it specified somehow (sorted by
>>> modification time?)?
>> No, attribute order in LDAP is unspecified.
> Then why does syncrepl try to reorder attributes in a backend?

Syncrepl aims to make an entry on the consumer identical to the entry on the

>>> Should this issue be reported as bug?
>> No. It is clearly working as designed.

> If attribute order is unspecified, so apparently it mostly depends on 
> the backend implementation. On the other hand syncrepl makes an 
> assumption regarding (unspecified) attribute order and the result (list 
> of ops sent to a backend) depends on whether that assumption was right 
> or not.

Yes. It is assumed that, while attribute order is unspecified, once an order
has been set it will be preserved.

> In the end, all these order-dependent modifications affect my 
> module, as I'm trying to hook on certain DIT changes and trigger 
> corresponding logic.
> Could your "working as designed" be interpreted as "That didn't matter 
> so far"? Given my use case, could this design be thought over? If not, 
> what would be you recommendations in my case?

Use delta-syncrepl instead.

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