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Re: ppolicy and replication issues

--On Monday, July 16, 2012 2:44 PM +0200 Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello list.

I'm planning to deploy ppolicy on our directory, but I'm facing a problem
with replication, as I only control the master server, and not the slaves
configuration for the moment.

Despite being only active on the master server, a local experiment told
me than the slaves need the following items:
- the ppolicy schema, for replicating policies objects
- the ppolicy overlay, for replicating operational attributes of user

The first requisite is quite easy to achieve, as it is just a file I need
other admins to add in their configuration. The second is a bit more
difficult, as it is an additional binary, and given the lack of
consistency between servers, I'm not sure it is available for each

So, is there some way of either configuring ppolicy or the replication,
to avoid the need for the ppolicy overlay on the slaves, while I don't
have full control over all the servers ?

ppolicy verions need to match too, so you can't just rely on distro builds. I would strongly advise you to make your *own* build of OpenLDAP at a fixed version, which they then need to deploy.



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