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Reindex failed on MDB backend (cn=config)

I added some indexes on a mdb database (Mirror) using ADS, and then tried to reindex using the LTB init script.

service slapd reindex
slapd: [INFO] Using /etc/default/slapd for configuration
slapd: [INFO] Launching OpenLDAP database reindexing...
slapindex: ./../../../libraries/libmdb/mdb.c:1361: mdb_page_touch: Assertion `mp->mp_p.p_pgno != np->mp_p.p_pgno' failed.
slapd: [ALERT] OpenLDAP database reindexing failed

I don't have additional details, because only Stats2 and Sync loglevel is enabled, and I already recovered.

My question:
how do I add indexes correctly so this doesn't happen again? directly with the use of an ldif file?

Note: I want to use MDB in production, because our db will be small (never above 2GB, or 128TB ;-) )
Any recommendations?

Sincerely, PieterB