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Re: Filter character encoding independent


On 27/06/2012 16:17, Philip Brusten wrote:
> Hi,
> Our OpenLDAP information is stored in UTF-8 character encoding, like any
> other default installation I guess.
> Some of the records have special characters in their name, like ë, é, è,
> ç, etc.
> We want to make a webapplication that can do lookups on these names,
> without forcing the user to enter the correct characters.
> E.g. if they search for "Francois", it should match all givenNames
> "François" in LDAP.
> However if people do search for "François" if should also match all
> givenNames "François".
> I've looked for certain matching rules that could do this, but I haven't
> found what I'm looking for so far.
> Can anybody help me out?
> Kr,
> Philip