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chaining and returning errors


I'm setting up chaining. And I want to get errors, no referrals :)
my olcDatabase looks like this:

objectClass: olcChainDatabase (auxiliary)
objectClass: olcConfig (abstract)
objectClass: olcDatabaseConfig (structural)
objectClass: olcLDAPConfig (structural)
objectClass: top (abstract)
olcDatabase: {0}ldap
olcDbIDAssertBind: bindmethod="simple"
olcDbURI: ldap://example.com

here is this object's parent:

objectClass: olcConfig (abstract)
objectClass: olcOverlayConfig (structural)
objectClass: top (abstract)
olcOverlay: {1}chain

The problem is that I can't insert an olcChainReturnError attribute
into it. The schema doesn't allow it. I tried to add the
olcChainConfig objectClass to the olcDatabase={1} object, which
requires me to fill in an extra attribute "olcOverlay" - I tried
{1}chain and "chain" and Â"{0}ldap" but either give me an error 65
"invalid structural object class chain".

Frank Van Damme
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