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Re: Full Backup/Restore slapd

> I want to implement a full backup procedure of my LDAP (schema, ACL,
> Data ...).

Databases are numbered, with 0 being cn=config, 1 the first back-end you
configure, 2 the next etc. I suggest having `slapcat' dump the whole
database, so either, say,

        slapcat -n 0 -l config.ldif.backup
        slapcat -n 1 -l example.net.backup

or use -b to specify the suffixes:

        slapcat -b "cn=config"  -l config.ldif.backup
        slapcat -n "dc=example,dc=net"  -l example.net.backup

Restoring is a matter of taking `slapd' down and using `slapadd` (with
above options) to restore, ensuring permissions and ownership of the
files are correct before restarting `slapd'.

Read the manual pages for slapcat(8) and slapadd(8).