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Re: ACLs being ignored with rwm/relay

Tim Watts wrote:

Wonderful - the slapd.conf (see end) with a slight re-arrangement, works!

ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost/ -D cn=admin,dc=dighum,dc=kcl,dc=ac,dc=uk
-b dc=cch,dc=kcl,dc=ac,dc=uk

does not return userPassword attributes (the -D is convenience, no auth
is performed).


ldapsearch -H ldapi:/// -D cn=admin,dc=dighum,dc=kcl,dc=ac,dc=uk -b

Does return userPassword - which is what I want. The UNIX domain socket
is protected under a root directory mode 700 so only root can connect
this way - ie, local root use has full unauthenticated access to ldap
which is what I want, so that scripts may easily be run to maintain the
LDAP database.

The -D is meaningless in both cases. You're clearly using SASL Binds (using Simple binds would require a -x) and SASL Binds always ignore the Bind DN.

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