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Re: Uniqueness constraint over multiple attributes

On 06/20/2012 09:35 PM, Andrew Findlay wrote:
Jan Beerden wrote:
Is there a way to have a unique constraint over multiple attributes? We have
different attributes for the primary email address of a person, and for
additional aliases, and we'd like to enforce global uniqueness in such a way
that the primary email address for one person can not be used as an email
alias for another person.

The slapo-unique manpage doesn't make this very clear.

To achieve what Jan wants, I would consider requiring the primary
email address to also be listed as one of the aliases. A uniqueness
constraint like this would then protect against one entry hijacking
the address of another:

overlay unique
unique_uri "ldap:///o=myorg?primaryMail,aliasMail?sub?(objectClass=mailUser)"

The requirement for the primaryMail value to also appear as an
aliasMail value could be enforced using the constraint overlay with
the 'set' mechanism, something like:

overlay constraint
constraint_attribute primaryMail,aliasMail set
	"this/primaryMail & this/aliasMail"
Thanks! This does exactly what we wanted.


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