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Re: Sun(oracle) directory server to openldap

Title: Stanislas LEVEAU
Hi Stanislas,

Sun DSEE replication protocol is proprietary and thus interoperating with any other LDAP directory server.
I'm sure there are several people who have migrated from Sun DSEE to OpenLDAP (and the biggest hurdles are schema and aci) , although in my part of the industry I hear more about those who migrate to OpenDJ (initially started by Sun as OpenDS to replace Sun DSEE).


Ludovic Poitou
ForgeRock - Product Manager for OpenDJ.

On Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 14:45 , Stanislas LEVEAU wrote:


I wonder if someone has already migrated from a Sun DSEE to openldap
and establishment of a replication from SUN DSEE to openldap.

thanks in advance
Stanislas LEVEAU

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