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Re: Monitoring 2.3.43?

On Fri, 25 May 2012 12:46:50 +0100, Andrew Findlay wrote:
In normal operation it should
be enough to read the contextCSN attribute from the root of the
replicated subtree on each server:

Ok, most of the servers are now upgraded, but unfortunatly there's
two that can't (for various reasons) not be upgraded at this time.

The sync seems to work quite nice between the 2.4.23 and the 2.3.43

However, the contextCSN missmatches and after examining, it's the
password policy object that won't sync...

    paragon:      20120616082046.474977

    leonis:       20120616082046.474977
    leporis:      20120616082046.474977

    kelvin:       20120616081559.003550
    inbgdxrambo:  20120616081559.003550

The first three is 2.4 (paragon is the provider) and kelvin and
rambo is 2.3...

I've included the ppolicy.schema in all the servers, schemachecking=off
on the consumers but still no policy object...

I do however, now when I look closer, get an error/warning in the log:

Jun 16 15:29:21 rambo slapd[28729]: syncrepl_message_to_entry: rid 444 mods check (pwdAttribute: value #0 invalid per syntax)
    Jun 16 15:29:21 rambo slapd[28729]: do_syncrepl: rid 444 retrying

I tried to take ppolicy.schema from paragon (the original one was
version and paragons is but that didn't help.