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loglevel expected performance impact

I'm running some 2.4.23 servers, and I've encountered some slowdown on
loglevel other than 0.  Even 256 (stats; recommended) impacts about a 4x
slowdown on queries.  Logging is to syslog.

Running ldapsearch slows from 0.005-0.010 seconds to about 0.030-0.040
seconds; and that includes loading the binary.  That's from localhost to
remove potential DNS lookups.

I stumbled across this when logging was wrong, and the slowdown was

I'm aware that 2.4.23 isn't the latest version.  I'm also quite happy,
for now, to run loglevel 0.

I'm wondering if this is the expected behaviour, given that it's the
recommended configuration.  Or should I go dig to find the slowdown?

(I did check the indexes, and db_stats, etc.  All seems fine.)

I apologise for the disclaimer,

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