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Re: Wildcard and Internal Domain

I am so sorry everybody.
I made a mistake when I was typing the list address and I sent to the wrong list.
I am sorry again.

2012/6/6 Dan White <dwhite@olp.net>
On 06/06/12 12:25 -0300, Leonardo wrote:
I forget to say that i generated a certificate to my internal domain. It
domain does not exist outside my network.


You appear to be seeking assistance with trouble shooting an https issue
within your lan. If that's the case, openldap-technical would not
be the best resource to consult for assistance.

If you feel this really is an openldap issue, include debug output from
your slapd server and/or an ldapsearch command (with option '-d -1').

2012/6/6 Leonardo <eng.leonardo.dourado@gmail.com>

Dear Colleagues.

I attempted implementing certificates with wildcard to my internals

I have a Internal Certification Authority and it certificate was
distributed to ours Browsers on Workstations that have a need to access
the servers by Web Browser.

I generated a certificate with wildcard for my servers and when i access
the servers by web browser the following message is showed "O servidor
v221t001.prevnet usa um certificado de segurança inválido. O certificado
é válido somente para *.prevnet. (Código do erro:
ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)".  I would like some help to solve it

I thank everyone for attention.

Dan White