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Re: slaptest conversion of acl regex'es drops backslashes (correct resubmission 2)

Nick Milas wrote:
On 5/6/2012 9:58 ÎÎ, Howard Chu wrote:

What you've posted is expected behavior. The single backslashes were
parsed by the slapd.conf parser. To actually get them into the regex
you need to escape those backslashes as well. This is already
documented in slapd.conf(5) and in the Admin Guide.

So, ALL regex'es used within ACLs loaded in a slapd.conf should be with
double backslashes? I had not realized that. The statement "If an
argument contains a double quote ('"') or a backslash character ('\'),
the character should be preceded by a backslash character" which is
included slapd.conf(5) and in
http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/slapdconfig.html is - at least -
obscure to me with regard to regex'es used in ACLs.

Obscure? Are those ACL statements in slapd.conf or aren't they? Do backslashes in slapd.conf need to be escaped or don't they? It's not like it says "backslashes must escaped except on alternate Tuesdays."

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