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Several questions on Openldap for migration

Hello everybody,

First of all, sorry in advance for my approximate English.

I have several questions. Questions for which I did not find answer
until today, despite one very large number of reading of docs, faqs,
tickets etc. (I did not necessarily read everything, internet is so

I have to migrate all the servers of the company, from ubuntu
10.04.3lts (package openldap 2.4.21) to ubuntu 12.04lts (package
openldap 2.4.28).

Configuration of openldap, identical on all the servers (Masters and
Slaves), configuration of dynamic type (with cn=config ), with
reference ldap Masters in the config of slaves ; syncrepl (N-Way)
Multi-Master mode.
All servers are VMs on kvm.

Questions according to several scenarios:
- there are problems of synchronization between 2 Masters, if the one
is in 2.4.21 and the other one in 2.4.28?
- there are problems of synchronization between 2 servers, if 1 Master
is in 2.4.21 and 1/severals Slave(s) in 2.4.28?
- there are problems of synchronization between 2 servers, if 1 Master
is in 2.4.28 and 1/several Slaves in 2.4.21?
- I want to do an update of part of the slaves servers. What it is
better to use?: acl or in syscrepl? Which is the most flexible?

MDB backend:
- can one use now the backend-mdb new in "production mode" with
openldap 2.4.28? Is it with good/enough stability? Or do I have to
stay with the backend-hdb and migrate towards backend-mdb later?
- Is it pisible to migrate from backend-hdb towards backend-mdb for
server in production, in the future?

- I placed tcmalloc in this file '/etc/init.d/slapd' as this
"LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libtcmalloc_minimal.so.0". Is it good? Is it the
good place/file?
- where can I find track of its load (of tcmalloc)? How can I see the
functioning of tcmalloc? In what file of log? The LSOF command no give
- it is indicated in the site
> "TCMALLOC_DEBUG=<level> -- the higher level, the more messages
malloc emits". It is indicated that more the number increase and more
tcmalloc verbose. But it is not indicated/informed has what
corresponds the numeros (levels) of log and until how much?
-to use "TCMALLOC_DEBUG", I have to use
"LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libtcmalloc_minimal_debug.so.0" or keep

Backups and restore:
-the opinions diverge. Indeed, to make a backup/restore, slapadd
command is enough with the file created with slapcat? Or i need to
integrate (with slapadd) at first the config file (cn=config file) and
then the acl config file  and then the data of the users that were
created at the first installation of openldap 2.4.21?

So, I installed and configured openldap in 2005 on a debian for the
needs of a company but today many things changed and difficult to find
itself there.

Thank you in advance for taking time and your answers.