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Re: Attributes host and personal (mail, telephone...)

--On Wednesday, May 30, 2012 3:46 PM +0200 Carlos Barrero MartÃnez <carlos.barrero@ideup.com> wrote:

Good afternoon to all!

 I am a newbie and I'm installing and configuring my first ldap server
for my company. I want to use LDAP as an authentication method on my
intranet (Drupal) and as authentication for ssh. I have read that's what
I need to have the attribute 'host' but this attribute is incompatible
with 'person', so I can not have fields (name, surname, phone, email) and

 Can you help solve it?

A host is not a person. A person is not a host (at least not yet). So the rejection of this attempt is completely valid.

It is not uncommon to have a host object that has a list or group of users allowed to access it, however.



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