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Re: ~*~ [spam] Re: OpenLDAP freeze

--On Tuesday, May 29, 2012 2:30 AM +0300 Ioan Indreias <indreias@gmail.com> wrote:

Is BDB actually patched? ÂThere are 4 patches for BDB 4.7.25. ÂAlso,
please use OpenLDAP 2.4.31 before reporting any more issues.

Yes, the BDB have been patched.
The problem was found on 2.4.31 also - please find attached the
archive sent in my first message.
In case a new set is needed (for 2.4.31 and the new value for the
lockers) I'll try to provide it asap.

How do you know BDB has been patched with all *4* patches?

As for upping the lockers, you need to do that regardless of the OpenLDAP version. That behavior isn't going to change just because you upgraded the OpenLDAP version -- It is a BDB usage issue.

The gdb trace clearly shows your slapd is locked up at the BDB level. Given that I have used BDB 4.7.25+all 4 patches for years without issue, I know a properly patched BDB doesn't have this issue.

One other thing I would note is that you have failed to provide your OpenLDAP configuration (either slapd.conf for a slapcat -n 0 of your cn=config DB).



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