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Re: slapd wont replicate olcSpReloadHint attribute (was: slapd hangs upon performing modification of cn=config)

--On May 24, 2012 10:41:32 AM -0400 "Patrick H." <openldap@stormcloud9.net> wrote:

Sent: Wed May 23 2012 22:03:39 GMT-0400 (EDT)
 From: Patrick H. <openldap@stormcloud9.net>
 To: Patrick Hemmer <openldap@stormcloud9.net>
 Subject: Re: slapd hangs upon performing modification of cn=config


I changed the subject as this is a different issue than originally
reported. While they may be related, its safer to assume they're not.

Ok, so the problem went away. Didnt change a thing, just came back after
a few hours, started slapd up, and it behaved (though I am still
interested to know how to find stuck operations/tasks).
 However a new (maybe related?) issue has popped up. I tried to add
olcSpReloadHint=TRUE to the syncprov overlay (all the replicas are >
2.3.11) and this change isnt replicating (other changes, including
attribute adds, to other DNs in cn=config replicate fine, just not this

I'm going to assume you mean all replicas are > 2.4.11, not 2.3.11.

All your replicas should be running the same version of OpenLDAP.
All your replicas should be running a current version of OpenLDAP. Some of the fixes to Syncrepl have been on the client side, not just the master side.

If you can reproduce using 2.4.31 on all nodes, you should probably file an ITS.


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