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Monitoring 2.3.43?

First of: I know it's old, we ARE going to upgrade at the next service interval in a few weeks!

But in the meantime, is there any way to know/figure out if the master and it's slave(s) are in

One idea, of using a special object which is written to every x minute and then checked for consistency
came up... Of course it's not a nice solution, but it is A solution...

The reason for this is that yesterday our secondary LDAP server (the primary read server) stopped returning queries (might be a file lock or open filehandles problem - exact reason unknown for the moment). And for some reason, the primary LDAP server (the one we use for writes, the sync master) had an old version of the database - we THINK it happened at the last power failure in that
serverroom. It brought up an old version (bdb problems possibly).

So the failover to the master worked, but it was to old. And i didn't manage to do a recover on the failed bdb database. Luckily we had a SECOND replica in another city (which was in sync with the changes we did just a few hours earlier), so I did a dump of that database and loaded the
primary replica (the one that failed/hung/crashed) with that.

But the fact that the replica master and the slaves where out of sync worries us a little. This will be fixed correctly with an upgrade, but until then we would like to have at least _some_ way of
checking the status of the sync...

Any ideas for a quick hack?
... but you know as soon as Oracle starts waving its wallet at a Company it's time to run - fast.
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