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ACL Manual Additions request


I think it would be important to add some text in http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin24/access-control.html regarding the use of <control> keywords (i.e. stop, continue, break), esp "break". These are not explained at all in the particular page, and IMHO they are notsatisfactorily explained in FAQ-O-Matic as well (unless there is a page which I missed, in which case please add the appropriate info in the above page which is a main point of reference).

For example, the above man page does not even include an example with a break keyword. At least one example should be included for children, entry attributes (and the significance of break there should be explained).

There are some examples in FAQ-O-Matic, for example:
but they do not provide sufficient insight.

So, currently the significance and use of <control> keywords is obscure.

Although I am now (after almost two years) in a position to be able to understand and handle ACLs to an extensive degree successfully (not without effort), yet I am far from writing a tutorial or manual text, I felt the above addition is a real need (esp. for new users) that I should mention, asking the project team for it.

Regards and thanks for the project's efforts,