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Re: HowTo to setup LDAP

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:

Le 15/05/12 19:00, Howard Chu a écrit :
Luc MAIGNAN wrote:

I've found a lot of howto to setup openLDAP using the slapd.conf but
none using the actual database feature.

But I want to configure a freshly installed openLDAP without writing a
slapd.conf and doing a migration on it.

Is there somewhere a step-by-step howto to setup an openLDAP using the
new feature (all parameters in the LDAP) ?


Thanks BUT i'm looking for a way that does NOT migrate an existing
slapd.conf but configures openLDAP in the new way from scratch

You must be blind. There is a complete sample cn=config configuration on the link
I posted, suitable for loading from scratch.

RTFM and actually pay attention to what you read.

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