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Re: Problem adding sambaGroupMapping

Am Fri, 27 Apr 2012 17:41:02 +0200
schrieb stefano malini <lozingalo@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> i show the command-output trying to add the objectClass 
> sambaGroupMapping to some entries that have posixGroup objectClass:
> root@amahoro:~# ldapmodify -x -W -D 'cn=Manager,dc=amahoro,dc=bi'
> Enter LDAP Password:
> dn: cn=Students,ou=Groups,dc=amahoro,dc=bi
> changetype: modify
> add: objectClass
> objectClass: posixGroup
> objectClass: sambaGroupMapping
> sambaSID: S-1-5-21-251852451-2940789264-3475694606
> sambaGroupType: 5
> ldapmodify: wrong attributeType at line 6, entry 
> "cn=Students,ou=Groups,dc=amahoro,dc=bi"
> I don't know what is wrong, sambaSID is a correct attribute. Do you
> have ideas?

Please read man ldapmodify(5) carefully, there are examples on how to
modify entries corrrectly.
On the other hand, there might be an error due to the schema envolved.
Compare the difference between rfc2307bis.schema and nis.schema with
regard to objectClass posixGroup.


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