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Re: replicating and refint

Marc Patermann wrote:

on a master server overlay syncprov and overlay refint
(refint_attributes member memberOf) are set.

Now on object, which is in a group is deleted.
Refint changes the group by deleting the member.

The changed user object and the group are to be replicated.
The user is.
The group is not:

Apr 26 17:31:04 server slapd[6475]: syncrepl_entry: rid=401 ou=group,ou=foo
Apr 26 17:31:04 server slapd[6475]: syncrepl_entry: rid=401 entry
unchanged, ignored (ou=group,ou=foo)

dn: ou=group,ou=foo
modifyTimestamp: 20110704123836Z
modifiersName: cn=Referential Integrity Overlay
entryCSN: 20110704123836.000000Z#000001#000#000000

So this is advertised for replication, but the does not happen.
This is 2.4.26, has this changed in later versions?

The same answer as this thread applis here:


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