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Re: Way to email users when their password is about to expire?


Le mer. avril 25 2012 ï 10:11:18 -0700, Kline, Sara dit :
> Hey all,
> Our OpenLDAP environment is up and functional and is working great. I was asked if there is a way to have the server email users when their account password is about to expire. For instance, 7 days before expiration they get an email that lets them know their password will expire on date x. Is there functionality within OpenLDAP to do this, or has anyone written a script that would do it?
> We are using the policy overlay to enforce the password policy.

as far as I know there is nothing to do this. So we wrote a script in
Perl (but can be write in other langages "supported" libldap).
The most difficult thing is to ask the timestamp of the last change, to
add the delay of change enforcement and write the mail to the address in
the ldap if you have.
Put it in crontab. Forget it ;-)
I recommend to have a specific user for this type of traitement with
appropriate acl.

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Sorry for my bad english, for not provide this script that is not my
own. Be free to ask again if you have trouble.
David Dumortier