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Re: mismatch between slapd.conf and olcDatabase

Nick Milas wrote:
On 25/4/2012 4:16 ÎÎ, Nagaraj Panyam wrote:

I just installed openldap (RHEL 6.1), and created a config file with
suffix "dc=example, dc=com"
And started up slapd.

However, the value of "dc" in the olcDatabase files remains
How does one remove this mismatch?

Hmm. I am not sure you are configuring correctly.

Have you read:

What are you doing *exactly*? You have not provided sufficient details.

Secondly, how does one see the contents of /var/lib/ldap/log.0000000001

You are not supposed to be able to read these contents!

More to the point, those are low level BerkeleyDB transaction logs. You can certainly use the BerkeleyDB tools to read them if you want. But there's nothing directly useful there from an LDAP perspective.

Use ldapsearch to get results from your DIT.

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