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Re: autogenerated/virtual attributes

btb@bitrate.net wrote:
> On Apr 21, 2012, at 14.12, Michael Ströder wrote:
>> But you could at least enforce that attribute values match according to what
>> you've subscribed above with a set-based constraint to avoid having false user
>> input in your data.
> oh, that sounds interesting.  if nothing else, it would be a step in that
> direction.  with slapo-constraint, presumably?  i've only used it for basic
> constraints, but i'll go have another read through man 5 slapo-constraint
> and do some experimenting.

Yes, with slapo-constraint.

Examples (lines partially wrapped):

# cn has to be composed of givenName, space, sn
constraint_attribute cn,sn,givenName set
  "(this/givenName + [ ] + this/sn) & this/cn"

# homeDirectory has to be composed like /home/uid
constraint_attribute uid,homeDirectory set
  "([/home/] + this/uid) & this/homeDirectory"

Another option would be to add some external custom code with slapo-sock where
an external process listens on a Unix domain socket.

>> For auto-generating values you could customize your LDAP administration UI.
>> Which one are you using?
> for day to day management tasks, apache directory studio.

Doesn't it have a plugin API?

I've implemented something like this in my web2ldap with a custom attribute
plugin class which suggests an input value based on different input. Not much
work but one extra click needed though because up to now web2ldap does not
have a post-process plugin API for the whole entry.

Ciao, Michael.

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