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Re: AW: Re: How can I set an LDAP-attribute to "null" (empty)?

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> IŽm sorry, but that is not a qualified answer...

OK, I'll try to be more precise.

1) "TelUser": not a standard track attribute.  Please provide its
specification (significantly, its syntax) otherwise the point is moot.

2) few standard track syntaxes allow zero length strings; see RFC4517.  In
short, RTFM to see if the syntax of your "TelUser" allows a zero length

It appears from the description of your problem, that you want to zero out
a value, not actually store a zero length value.  This is common of rdbms
users, where tables have a fixed structure and when some field is not
defined one just wants to store an empty value in it.  LDAP, instead
allows object to have optional attributes; when optional attributes are
not needed, they should not appear at all.

If your problem is with the tool you're using, that has nothing to do with
OpenLDAP; so please ask the appropriate forum.


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> Betreff: Re: How can I set an LDAP-attribute to "null" (empty)?
>> Hello,
>> to fill data into an LDAP-structure, I use the software HP Connect IT.
>> Sometimes it is necessary to clear an attribute.
>> But there is the following error message:
>> Error occured while modifiying the entry (LDAP)
>> TelUser value #0 invalid per Syntax
>> LDAP API Invalid Syntax
>> Can you tell me, what I have to do, so that LDAP accepts an "empty
>> value"?
> Nearly no syntax accepts the empty value.  What you need to do is delete
> the attribute using a standard LDAP modify operation.  In LDIF:
> dn: (the DN)
> changetype: modify
> delete: TelUser
> -
> How to do it using that specific software is up to you.
> p.