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overlays and frontend database

Hello list.

I have some questions about defining overlays on the frontend
database. Documentation (manual pages) is not very consistent
about it:


| Most of the overlays are only allowed to be configured on
| individual databases, but some may also be configured
| globally.


| Note that all of the database's regular settings should be
| configured before any overlay settings.


| Settings in the frontend database are inherited by the other
| databases, unless they are explicitly overridden in a
| specific database.

| Overlays must be configured as child entries of a specific
| database.


| Starting from OpenLDAP 2.3 they can be stacked on the
| frontend as well; this means that they can be executed after
| a request is parsed and validated, but right before the
| appropriate database is selected.

Are there are some overlays that can be applied on the
fronted database (globally)?

What about the inheritance as mentioned in slapd-config?
(Maybe I didn't understand this correctly.)

>From what I have tried, enabling an overlay on fronted
database makes slapd to segfault due to accessing a null
pointer or due to a heap overflow. It seems that there
are no verifications of overlay settings, because both
slapadd and ldapmodify succeed when enabling the void

Please, what is the expected behavior?