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Was: (ITS#7130) OpenLDAP with BackSQL and Postgres. Upper on bigint?

> I'm sorry, I send my issue to the wrong mailinglist at first (to the
> bugs list) and then tried to send it to technical twice. It doesnt
> seem to go through. Do you have any idea which column it is that
> defines this behaviour? I can't seem to find it..

It is not a boolean, but rather a separate field.  As far as I recall, in
the original design uppercasing was intended as a form of normalization. 
In table "ldap_attr_mappings" you find a "sel_expr_u" that contains the
"uppercasing" select expression.  If not given, and if an uppercasing
function is known, it is constructed as "<uppercasing>(<sel_expr>)", but
you have a chance to provide a specific one.  Please test and report
through the openldap-technical mailing list, unless you find a bug.