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translucent overlay and local objects?


Pardon if this is an RTFM (I'd love a link), but is it possible to
store entities locally using the translucent overlay?

The overlay works for what we are trying to do when it comes to search
and modifying attributes on an entry, but I would like to create an
entire local groupofnames, consisting of remote UIDs.

For example, this LDIF imports OK:

#!CONNECTION ldap://xxxxx
#!DATE 2012-04-09T16:01:33.961
dn: cn=instructors,ou=Groups,dc=xxxx,dc=zzz
changetype: add
objectClass: groupofnames
member: uid=nate
member: uid=penelope
member: uid=rhonda
cn: instructors

But searching for it does not bring back a result.

However, it must have gone somewhere since if I try to import the same
LDIF again:

#!CONNECTION ldap://xxxxx
#!DATE 2012-04-09T16:21:28.221
#!ERROR [LDAP: error code 68 - Entry Already Exists]

Kind regards,