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Re: 2.4.30 - libldap & libldap_r do not coexist

Amol Kulkarni wrote:
> On the same machine I've tested following combinations of client & server
> versions :
> Client=2.4.23,  Server=2.4.30,  Crash=No
> Client=2.4.30,  Server=2.4.23, Crash=Yes
> So I believe the problem lies in 2.4.30 client libraries which I have compiled.
> However I'm not able to find something from Changelog related to this.
> I'll now gdb my program and see if I get anything.

Most times this happens with self-compiled OpenLDAP libs because of a library
mix especially when linking with BDB and cyrus-sasl libs shipped with your
Linux distro.

Ciao, Michael.

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