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Re: LDAP entries missing from search results depending on search base.

Brandon Hume wrote:
>  I have a large number of mail aliases stored in LDAP used by sendmail.
> They're stored off by themselves as opposed to hung off the user objects, so
> that the mail servers can have their own LDAP replicas containing only a
> portion of the tree rather than all the user objects as well.  An example
> entry would be thus:
>    dn: cn=broken2,cn=dal,cn=Mailmaps,cn=Services,dc=DAL,dc=CA
>    objectClass: top
>    objectClass: applicationProcess
>    objectClass: inetLocalMailRecipient
>    cn: broken2
>    mailRoutingAddress: broken2@dal.ca
>    mailLocalAddress: broken2@imap.dal.ca
> However, this entry will not show up in searches, depending on what I use as a
> search base:

I can confirm that I also saw such a strange effect on a customer's server
running OpenLDAP 2.4.28 with back-hdb based on BDB 5.2.x (not sure about x).
All compiled as 64-bit software on HP-UX 10.x (not sure about the exact
version). I don't have easy access to this production system so it's quite
hard to examine this. But I'm somewhat glad I'm not alone.

In my case I had to use search base ou=xxx,dc=example,dc=org instead of also
valid dc=example,dc=org to find the entries. I also examined that no ACLs were
standing in the way.

Ciao, Michael.

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