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Referral Problem with SQL Backend


I have a problem with my Openldap Server 2.4.23 with SQL Backend. I have configured a referral to another Openldap server, but the referral dn is always the same as the bind dn from my ldapsearch command. So the referral dn is overwritten with the bind dn.


The server localhost:389 has rootdn=”dc=sselab,dc=de”

And localhost:390 has rootdn=”dc=tim,dc=sselab,dc=de”


Following are the configuration and the Log files of the LDAP Server with SQL Backend at Loglevel -1. In the Logfile you can see the starting of the server + the search “ldapsearch -xLLL -h localhost:389 -b dc=sselab,dc=de”. I think at line 4114 one can see how the referral is used.



Slapd.conf : http://pastebin.com/tvtdNaZ6

sql attribute mappings: http://image-upload.de/image/WcDeaB/fd191aa422.png

sql entries: http://image-upload.de/image/qGiBOY/51496a9462.png

sql object classes: http://image-upload.de/image/Rei0X3/4f6b2b43f5.png

sql  oc mapping: http://image-upload.de/image/TRscIQ/7141e04af6.png

sql referral: http://image-upload.de/image/LGxZKQ/28773fadf7.png

ldap Log: http://pastebin.com/N8NCyLzt





To demonstrate the behavior:


Search for the referral Object:

     user@user-desktop:~$ ldapsearch -M -xLLL -h localhost:389 "(objectClass=referral)" '*' ref

     dn: dc=tim,dc=sselab,dc=de

     objectClass: referral

     objectClass: extensibleObject

     dc: tim

     ref: ldap://localhost:390/dc=tim,dc=sselab,dc=de#


which is exactly what I want!


But searching all objects:

     user@user-desktop:~$ ldapsearch -xLLL -h localhost:389 -b dc=sselab,dc=de

     dn: dc=sselab,dc=de

     objectClass: dcObject

     dc: sselab




     # refldap://localhost:390/dc=sselab,dc=de??sub


Results with the wrong dn in refldap!


Search with the dc=tim DN :

     user@user-desktop:~$ ldapsearch -xLLL -h localhost:389 -b dc=tim,dc=sselab,dc=de

     Referral (10)

     Referral: ldap://localhost:390/dc=tim,dc=sselab,dc=de??sub


If you need more Information please let me know.


Best regards

Robert Eikermann