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Re: Ubuntu can't connect to SambaPDC


On 02/04/12 14:52, Imre Bertalan wrote:
> Hi guys.
> This is not really an OpenLDAP question, but it seems we have some fine
> qualified users here, so I'll ask this question here. :)
> I have a nice working Zentyal 2.2 server with DNS and SambaPDC. Windows
> client's can join the domain with the network users ans they see all the
> shared folders too.
> My problem is that I don't know how to join a domain with Ubuntu.
> Tried with likewise-open and likewise-open-gui, but all the time, it
> sais Bad_DNS_Package. Same error message comes when I try to join from
> terminal with the command "/sudo domainjoin-cli join DOMAIN USER/"
> I also installed samba, smbclient, winbind on the client. I heard that
> it could be because the server is set to allow Win clients only. Could
> that be?
> Thanks in advance!

Have you tried asking in the Zentyal support forum

I would offer to help, but I have no idea. I met some Zentyal guys over
the weekend, and they certainly seem to know what they're talking about.

Hope this helps,