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Re: REL_ENG versions produce different libraries?

On 30/3/2012 4:27 ÎÎ, Howard Chu wrote:

Test builds are not meant to be packaged.

Even if it is so, in practice I use packaged builds for testing because in this way I can control better what happens to the system and manage versioning. Since I'm using LTB src.rpm's, this helps me ensure that all system components are updated correctly and that OpenLDAP is built correctly too for my environment.

In any case, even if I am following a non-standard procedure *for private use*, can you please tell me: if I change ol_patch=X to ol_patch=29.1 will it work OK with the build system? Or, can you please suggest what should I do to specify proper version numbering for versions between e.g. 2.4.29 and 2.4.30 (e.g. etc.)?