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Cannot convert slapd.conf with blanks in pathes

slaptest has problems with blanks in pathes:

slapd.conf extraction:
logfile         "C:/temp/Blank Dir/log/slapd.log"
directory       "C:/temp/Blank Dir/accessdata"

slaptest -f "C:\temp\Blank Dir\slapd.conf" -F "C:\temp\Blank Dir\slapd.d" 
will succeed when a blank is in the path of "logfile" or "directory" but 
when I start slapd I get a 
"<olcLogFile> extra cruft after <file>".
When I remove the quotation marks slaptest fails with the message
"<logfile> extra cruft after <file>".

I can only fix this by manually editing the config.ldif-files, which I 
know is forbidden. 
But due to the fact that I can't start slapd I can't use ldapmodify to 
modify it.
So what to do?

I tested with windows version of OpenLDAP.