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Re: i don't find slapd.pid

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 1:17 PM, stefano <stefano.malini@gmail.com> wrote:

am creating a database ldap on squeeze. the configuration was ok.
due to some errors adding new entries, following the guide "Mastering OpenLDAP", page 96, i deleted with this command:

rm __db.* *.bdb log.*

then i succesfully added two ldif files using slapdadd. i started slapd with

/etc/init.d/slapd start.

i launching ldapsearch but the answer ii can't contact the server. i checked with ps -aux about the slapd process but i didn't find it.
i checked in /var/run/slapd/ and there is not slapd.pid.

have you got idea about this? what could i do?


Could you try running 

db_recover -h /path/of/your/bdb files 

I am not sure of the openldap version or bdb version, so probably you need to check  whether in your case should you be using slapd_db_recover or just db_recover,  
as in recent versions db4 and openldap have been decoupled. 

Also can you enable logging ,  the local4.* facility can be used to get ldap logs. ( I am not exactly sure if this is true for ubuntu also ) 

Add "local4.*  /var/log/ldap.log   in your rsyslog or syslog" configuration and restart rsyslog/syslog and restart slapd service,  if slapd fails, the errors would be thrown in /var/log/ldap.log file