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Replicating a translucent database


Does anyone have experience with replicating the "local" part of a
translucent proxy? I've gotten into the habit of running redundant
pairs for everything. Since translucent uses back-ldap, which sets
lastmod off, traditional replication via syncrepl doesn't work. Right
now I'm only supporting a directory of about 2000 engineers, so it is
feasible to use some combination of slapcat and ldapadd/ldapmodify
magic to update a secondary server.

I could also slapcat the translucent database and take down the
secondary server while the database is rebuilt. One idea I had is to
copy the local translucent database to a separate (non-proxy)server
every N hours, and have any slaves replicate off of that. However, due
to schema checking I cannot simply copy a translucent db to a
non-translucent one due to all the glue and missing attributes.

I've found the translucent overlay (and openLDAP's flexibility in
general) to be a lifesaver. If anyone has any ideas or experience with
this particular challenge, I'd love to hear about it.

David Arroyo