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Re: OpenLDAP client and SSL handshaek

--On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 3:51 PM -0700 Jon Dufresne <jon@erezlife.com> wrote:


I am using OpenLDAP as a client to connect to a 3rd party Oracle
Internet Directory 10g.

After recent updates, I have been unable to successfully bind with the
LDAP server. I believe this is an error with the SSL handshake because
the following command will not negotiate an SSL protocol:

Who built your OpenLDAP? What SSL software is it linked to? For example, RHEL platforms tend to use MozNSS. Debian/Ubuntu use GnuTLS. Sane OSes use OpenSSL. From the looks of it, you are using an NSS linked OpenLDAP client. I suggest you build your own client against OpenSSL.



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