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mirrormode and N-way multimaster replication

Hi all

I am trying to understand the differences between mirrormode and N-way multimaster replication.
I am using openldap-2.4.23-20.el6 , From the admin guide from  www.openldap.org , I would like to clarify the below point

In Mirromode . if i have two openldap servers(m1-m2), I can do add/del/mod operations only on m1, but cannot do add/del/mod operations simultaneously on both m1 and m2 ,  I can do add/del/mod operations on m2 only when m1 is down.

Where as In N-Way multimaster replication, (if m1 and m2 are two openldap servers), i can do add/mod/del operations on both m1 and m2 simultaneously , 

Can some body clarify if the above understanding is correct.