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RE: how to delete backend DB

Well found nothing In FAQ or the Admin guide

Found this old message in the ML

Guess the way to do it is shutdown and delete the files 


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Subject: how to delete backend DB


I am trying to delete a backend DB

Currently have 
dn: olcDatabase={-1}frontend,cn=config
dn: olcDatabase={0}config,cn=config
dn: olcDatabase={1}monitor,cn=config
dn: olcDatabase={2}bdb,cn=config

I would like to delete  olcDatabase={2}bdb,cn=config

I tried

ldapdelete -v "olcDatabase={2}bdb,cn=config"

note- I have ~/.ldaprc setup with URI & SAS_MECH

slapd will not let me do it ?  I know I can shut down slapd and remove the file. But I am wondering if there is a "proper" way to do it