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Re: slow or inconsistent syncrepl

--On Sunday, March 11, 2012 8:51 AM +0100 Amol Kulkarni <amolkulkarni@gmx.com> wrote:

I see that I'm outdated in my tuning as per
 I'll do these changes and observe the servers.

In the mean time a new observation regarding syncrepl is that if I do
ldapmodify for 5 - 10 entries in one go the changes get replicated but if
I change about 300 entries in one go, then some entries do not get
replicated on some servers. These changes dont get replicated until I
change those entries again.

Does this indicate provider resource problem or consumer resource problem
( or normal behaviour ) ?

Changes failing to replicate is not a desired behavior. It is expected to occur in older known buggy releases. If all of your masters & replicas are on 2.4.30, hopefully you won't see that issue any more.



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