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Re: slow or inconsistent syncrepl

Dear Quanah,

Thanks a lot for these 2 pointers. I'll check out the 2.4.30 version.
We had used delta syncrepl earlier but our accesslog size used to grow suddenly sometimes and the disk used to get full crashing/hanging the ldap service itself on the provider. But at that time we had kept the max age for the accesslog to be 7 days. I'll reduce it and give it a try again.

Also it would be helpful if you can throw some light on :

2. On a really busy ldap server,  can replication slow down drastically? i.e does the read operations affect the replication in any way?

4. We are currently having about 60 consumers - is this too much ? What can be the max numbers of consumers ?

5. Sometimes we urgently need some particular node to be present on the consumer - for which we cannot wait - in that case we get ldif of that node from provider and do ldapadd on the consumer ( mirrormode is ON on the consumers ). Is this safe and correct or could it cause some side effects ?
Is there a better way to handle it?

Thanks and Regards,
Amol Kulkarni.


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> I have a following openldap setup with syncrepl : 
>  - openldap version 2.4.23 

This is your #1 issue. 

>  - 1 provider and about 10 consumers in lan and 50 consumers on wan 

This is your #2 issue. 

Upgrade to a stable release.  Use delta-syncrepl, which uses significantly 
less bandwidth than syncrepl. 



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